Food Processing

Food Processing
(English) Food Companies Pursue the Elusive Digital Dollar
Food and beverage companies are wrestling with what should be their role in e-commerce. Lire la suite >>
(English) Yogurt Veteran to Head Siggi’s
A veteran yogurt industry executive will take over at siggi’s, a manufacturer of skyr, a yogurt-type product from Iceland. Lire la suite >>
(English) Kraft Heinz Launches Tech Venture Fund
Kraft Heinz has become the latest major food company to start a venture fund for systematic investment in new food technologies. Lire la suite >>
Processors Increasing the Vegetable Content of Baby and Toddler Foods
Research finds a severe lack of vegetables in the infant/toddler food market … unless you count French fries. Lire la suite >>
(English) Smucker To Sell U.S. Baking Business to Brynwood Partners
J. M. Smucker Co.’s U.S. baking business – essentially the former Pillsbury – will be sold to two subsidiaries of Brynwood Partners for a value of $375 million, it was… Lire la suite >>
(English) How Will the New Tariffs Impact the U.S. Supply Chain?
As a consumer of foods and beverages, you might be in for a small bit of sticker shock the next time you go the store for avocados or cherries. According… Lire la suite >>
(English) It’s Official: Nutrition Facts Panel Delayed 1.5 Years
The FDA tomorrow will make official what it’s been signaling for several months: that the new Nutrition Facts panel will not be required until 2020 or 2021. Lire la suite >>
(English) Lassonde to Purchase Old Orchard Brands
assonde Industries, Inc., a Rougemont, Que., developer and manufacturer of fruit and vegetable juices, has agreed to acquire Old Orchard Brands, LLC, a family-owned juice and beverage company based in… Lire la suite >>
(English) Emerging Ingredients for 2018
Here’s a list of up-and-coming ingredients aligned with the healthful product trends for the new year, with new takes on fruits, grains, nutrients, extracts, colors, flavorings and others that are… Lire la suite >>
(English) The Next Generation of Sweeteners
Behind stevia and monk fruit is a host of natural sweeteners, some with calories and some without. Lire la suite >>
Kraft Heinz, Oprah Launching Packaged Food Line
Kraft Heinz Co. says it will partner with Oprah Winfrey to launch a packaged food line of nutritious products. The line will include ready-to-eat refrigerated items. Lire la suite >>
Can New Nestle CEO Transform the Company?
Analysts think outsider Ulk Mark Schneider, the new CEO of Nestle, is just what the company needs to rev up its confectionery business while focusing on newer categories such as… Lire la suite >>