Food Processing

Food Processing
(English) Cheese tea, flavored butter among emerging dairy trends
Make no mistake: The plant-based food and beverage boom has not robbed the dairy category of its potential or opportunity. Fresh takes on milk, butter and cheese abound, according to… Lire la suite >>
(English) Food Companies Pursue the Elusive Digital Dollar
Food and beverage companies are wrestling with what should be their role in e-commerce. Lire la suite >>
(English) Yogurt Veteran to Head Siggi’s
A veteran yogurt industry executive will take over at siggi’s, a manufacturer of skyr, a yogurt-type product from Iceland. Lire la suite >>
(English) Kraft Heinz Launches Tech Venture Fund
Kraft Heinz has become the latest major food company to start a venture fund for systematic investment in new food technologies. Lire la suite >>
Processors Increasing the Vegetable Content of Baby and Toddler Foods
Research finds a severe lack of vegetables in the infant/toddler food market … unless you count French fries. Lire la suite >>
(English) Smucker To Sell U.S. Baking Business to Brynwood Partners
J. M. Smucker Co.’s U.S. baking business – essentially the former Pillsbury – will be sold to two subsidiaries of Brynwood Partners for a value of $375 million, it was… Lire la suite >>
(English) How Will the New Tariffs Impact the U.S. Supply Chain?
As a consumer of foods and beverages, you might be in for a small bit of sticker shock the next time you go the store for avocados or cherries. According… Lire la suite >>
(English) It’s Official: Nutrition Facts Panel Delayed 1.5 Years
The FDA tomorrow will make official what it’s been signaling for several months: that the new Nutrition Facts panel will not be required until 2020 or 2021. Lire la suite >>
(English) Lassonde to Purchase Old Orchard Brands
assonde Industries, Inc., a Rougemont, Que., developer and manufacturer of fruit and vegetable juices, has agreed to acquire Old Orchard Brands, LLC, a family-owned juice and beverage company based in… Lire la suite >>
(English) Emerging Ingredients for 2018
Here’s a list of up-and-coming ingredients aligned with the healthful product trends for the new year, with new takes on fruits, grains, nutrients, extracts, colors, flavorings and others that are… Lire la suite >>
(English) The Next Generation of Sweeteners
Behind stevia and monk fruit is a host of natural sweeteners, some with calories and some without. Lire la suite >>
Kraft Heinz, Oprah Launching Packaged Food Line
Kraft Heinz Co. says it will partner with Oprah Winfrey to launch a packaged food line of nutritious products. The line will include ready-to-eat refrigerated items. Lire la suite >>