Podcast: JUST how this startup became the first to serve cell-cultured meat in a restaurant
In November, the foodtech industry reached a major milestone when Eat Just — the alt-protein startup first known for its plant-based ‘egg’ substitute, JUST Egg — became the first company… Lire la suite >>
Walmart, Tencent join $2.2bn funding for Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten
Walmart sold 85% of Seiyu, its wholly owned Japanese supermarket business, to Rakuten and asset manager KKR earlier this month. That deal was aimed at accelerating the digitalization of Seiyu… Lire la suite >>
Singapore grants world’s first regulatory approval for ‘lab-grown’ meat
San Francisco’s Eat Just, which is developing a range of plant-based and ‘lab-grown’ alternative proteins, has received the world’s first regulatory approval to sell meat cultured from animal cells to… Lire la suite >>
The Protein Brewery raises $26m from pea protein maker Roquette, Novo Nordisk affiliate
The Protein Brewery, a Netherlands-based fermentation tech company working on replacements for animal proteins, has raised €22 million ($26 million) in its Series A round. Lire la suite >>
No more rotten tomatoes: Improving agricultural logistics through technology
Certain foods, such as tomatoes, need to be transported delicately. Tomatoes can be damaged by being tossed around in shipping containers, become rotten due to inappropriate packaging, or spoil due… Lire la suite >>
Where are the world’s first ‘lab burger’ growers now? Enlarging their Series B raise
These days, it feels like most days are a ‘World Something Day.’ If there’ll ever be an ‘International Cultured Meat Day,’ an apt date to mark it is August 5. Lire la suite >>
Startup Spotlight: Forager wants to help local food digitalize by connecting farmers and buyers
The Covid-19 pandemic has rocked the local food movement in the US. Some farmers who relied on wholesale accounts found themselves with a plethora of food and nowhere to sell… Lire la suite >>
Aqua-Spark leads $12.6m Series A round for Singapore alt-seafood startup Shiok Meats
Singapore’s Shiok Meats has raised $12.6 million in a Series A round led by Aqua-Spark, a Netherlands-based VC firm focused on sustainable aquaculture. Lire la suite >>
Brightseed banks $27m to build out its plant nutrient discovery platform
San Francisco-based Brightseed has raised $27 million in a funding round led by Lewis & Clark Agrifood. Lire la suite >>
Danone dares to dream of regenerative dairy
Danone has been crafting pledge after pledge on sustainability, urging its rival big food conglomerates to follow suit. Recently recognized for its work reducing deforestation, the French multinational last year… Lire la suite >>
Better Meat Co gets $8.1m to ‘enhance’ animal products with its plant-based protein
The Better Meat Co has raised $8.1 million in a seed round co-led by US funds Greenlight Capital and Green Circle Foodtech Ventures, a division of Green Circle Capital. Lire la suite >>
Chinese food delivery giant pumps $14m into robot maker PuduTech
Chinese robotics startup PuduTech has raised just over ¥100 million ($14.2 million) in Series B funding from on-demand platform Meituan Dianping, as Covid-19 accelerates investment into ‘contactless’ food-related technologies. Lire la suite >>