Canadian Grocer

Milk prices set to rise this fall
Canadian Dairy Commission says the latest price hike is in recognition of increased production costs Lire la suite >>
Dairy sales expected to stay strong despite potential price hike: Saputo
If a price hike is approved, the company says it will pass those costs on to customers Lire la suite >>
Sriracha hot sauce maker warns of shortage
A chili pepper shortage is hindering the company’s ability to produce its products Lire la suite >>
Frozen treat sales heating up
Consumers’ desire for indulgence across a wide range of products will benefit retailers and manufacturers this summer Lire la suite >>
2021 Grand Prix winners announced!
Canada’s most notable new food and consumer goods products were recognized during a gala hosted by Retail Council of Canada Lire la suite >>
Loblaw to adopt Ukrainian spelling of chicken Kyiv for frozen dish
President’s Choice-brand chicken Kyiv will be available in stores later this summer Lire la suite >>
Three-month strike at Sobeys distribution centre in Quebec ends
Workers at a Sobeys distribution centre in Quebec have ratified a new contract, ending a three-month strike over wages and benefits. Lire la suite >>
Have Canadians lost their appetite for meal-kit services? (Survey)
In search of new meal ideas during the pandemic, many home cooks turned to meal-kit delivery services. Post-pandemic, it appears demand has peaked. Lire la suite >>
Kraft Heinz developing a paper Ketchup bottle
The company is teaming up with Pulpex to create a bottle made from 100% sustainably sourced wood pulp Lire la suite >>
IGA launches zero-waste packaging program
Partnership with aims to save thousands of single-use containers from waste streams Lire la suite >>
Plant versus animal: Which one wins the protein price war?
Agri-Food Analytics Lab study compared the cost of meat products with plant-based alternatives Lire la suite >>
Instacart adds Metro, Galleria and more to build momentum as pandemic fades
Grocery delivery startup Instacart is adding more Canadian stores to its app as it expands despite mounting competition, rising inflation and easing demand. Lire la suite >>