Food Processing

Food Processing
Building A Better Workplace For Women In The Food And Beverage Industry
With us today is Angela Dodd, founder of Females in Food. Angela created the Females in Food Community to help women in the food and beverage industry advance their careers. Lire la suite >>
Finding ‘Just Right’ on Food-Grade Lubrication
For a maintenance team, getting the right kinds of oil and grease, in the right amounts and to the many lubrication points consistently is one of the most important tasks… Lire la suite >>
2022 Food and Beverage Industry Outlook
As the pandemic persists, inflation spikes and supply chain problems mount, the food and beverage industry is trying to find its footing. Lire la suite >>
Inflation Hurts General Mills
Sales were up but earnings down for the most recent quarter at General Mills – a situation that management attributes to not being able to raise prices fast enough. Net… Lire la suite >>
Nestlé USA Chief Marketing Officer Offers Predictions for 2022
« Food is not static, » begins a post penned by Nestle USA’s Chief Marketing Officer Alicia Enciso. « Our tastes change, our priorities rearrange, and the way we enjoy… Lire la suite >>
Opinion: How the Cost of Raw Materials Will Impact Packaging and The Supply Chain in 2022
According to this expert, less plastic, more aluminum, and continuing supply chain issues will dominate. Lire la suite >>
The Scoop Blog
There has been a lot of hand-wringing and ink- and pixel-spilling over the labor shortages that are afflicting the food supply chain. Quite a few people, myself among them, have… Lire la suite >>
How Ingredion is Helping Processors Increase Options by Reducing Sugar
With us are Afrouz Naeini, Didem Icoz, and Christina Coles from Ingredion talking about how the company is helping product developers sweeten products without the added sugar. Lire la suite >>
(English) Kellogg to Pay $20 Million in Sugar Lawsuit
The Kellogg Co. has agreed to pay $20 million to settle a class-action lawsuit alleging that it deceptively marketed cereals and snack bars with excessive amounts of sugar, and to… Lire la suite >>
(English) Whole Foods Issues Top 10 Trends
Plant-based products in various forms dominate the fifth annual list from Whole Foods of the top 10 food trends for 2020. The list, compiled by a team of 50 regional… Lire la suite >>
(English) How to Make Wastewater Less Wasteful
Reduce, reuse, recycle” is the mantra for solid waste. It also applies to wastewater, perhaps with an extra R: recover. Wastewater conditioning has long been an imperative for many food… Lire la suite >>
(English) Walmart launches grocery home delivery in Montreal
Walmart customers living in Montreal can now order groceries online or through the retailer’s app and have them delivered to their front door. Lire la suite >>