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Fighting food costs: Discount stores turn ‘jobbed’ veggies into deals
On the floor, Brhanu Brhanu’s hands flew trying to keep the display counter full as customers grabbed at the deal. The parking lot outside was packed, even though it was… Lire la suite >>
World leaders shy away from tackling food, farming emissions at COP26
‘We need to take a close look at ourselves in our own practices,’ says Ontario farmer attending climate talks Lire la suite >>
Northern B.C. Walmart to go totally cashier free in favour of self-checkouts this summer
The Walmart in Terrace, B.C., a city of more than 11,000 people, is ditching traditional cashiers and switching entirely to self-checkouts. Lire la suite >>
Canadian lamb prices increase as demand outstrips supply in leadup to Eid
Immigration from countries where lamb is traditionally eaten has led to a spike in demand Lire la suite >>
Sobeys brings back hero pay for grocery workers in lockdown areas
Move will add up to $100 per week per worker depending on hours Lire la suite >>
B.C. man’s lawsuit over marketing of Canada Dry ginger ale settled for $200,000
Man said he purchased the ginger ale because advertising suggested it had health benefits Lire la suite >>
Canada’s Competition Bureau investigates Amazon.ca
Watchdog wants to hear from any Canadian businesses that have sold products via Amazon.ca Lire la suite >>
Alberta ranchers and feedlots worried about future impact of COVID-19
A cacophony of bellowing cattle makes it hard to hear the other hoof drop, but rancher Bruce Bird knows that it’s coming. Lire la suite >>
Loblaws plans to close 22 unprofitable stores and launch home delivery
Loblaws said Wednesday it plans to close 22 unprofitable stores. The retailer also says it will begin rolling out an internet-based home-delivery service starting in December. Lire la suite >>
Fast-food restaurants closing as Quebec unemployment rate nears all-time low
Fast-food restaurants in communities across Quebec are having trouble finding staff, with some reducing their hours and others being forced to shut their doors altogether. Lire la suite >>
No fried food on frigates as navy takes aim at fatty fare
The Royal Canadian Navy is launching an offence against an all-too-familiar enemy right in its midst: fatty, fried foods. Lire la suite >>
Loblaws to open 30 new stores in annual expansion
Grocery giant Loblaw Companies Ltd. plans to spend $1.3 billion renovating 500 stores and opening 30 new ones this year, in an expansion plan that will include more fresh food… Lire la suite >>