Measuring and communicating sustainability: ‘The biggest challenge right now is the pace of change,’ says Ingredion VP
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60% people don’t want lab-grown meat: UK adults quizzed on cellular agriculture, genetic modification, and meat consumption
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NPD Trend Tracker: From fortified coffee to paper-packaged Carte D’Or
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Animal-free dairy a ‘massive opportunity’ says General Mills, which is in ‘test and learn’ mode with new brand Bold Cultr
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Baking trends in 2022: From fun confetti and sparkles to balanced nutrition for people and the planet
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NPD Trend Tracker: From carbon-offset ready meals to General Mills snacks
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Do Unilever’s results really point to the perfect marriage of profit and purpose?
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The Better Meat Co. closes $8.1m seed round as hybrid trend combining animal- and plant-based proteins gathers pace
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ADM talks the evolution of ‘gut health’ and the innovation opportunity in everyday foods
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Meet the AI start-up helping Nestlé, Barilla, and Mondelēz cut production waste
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Mondelēz still committed to reducing pack sizes after latest ‘shrinkflation’ row
Cadbury-owner Mondelēz International says it remains committed to reformulation via reducing portion sizes after a backlash over its move to shrink the sizes of all Cadbury chocolate bars sold in… Lire la suite >>
Unilever braces for COVID-19 economic downturn: ‘A deep global recession has already started’
Unilever has leveraged ‘agility’ to adapt its business to COVID-19. How does the company plan to cope with the global economic recession that now looks likely? Lire la suite >>