From ‘bleeding’ plant-based burgers to whey & casein protein pots
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From Persian-style ancient grains to enzyme ‘super drink
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‘Bittersweet’ moment for Odwalla co-founder as Coca-Cola axes the brand and focuses on more ‘scalable’ innovations
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HelloFresh expands into Denmark as analysts predict ‘sticky but niche’ post-Covid meal-kit demand
Growth hungry HelloFresh is defying concerns that rising consumer demand for meal-kit delivery services may wane as lockdown restrictions ease. However, its biggest threat remains online supermarkets, say analysts. Lire la suite >>
“Innovation still exists in brands that are in market,” retailers are reviewing new products, investor says
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Coronavirus will boost clean meat trend, says supplier
The cultured meat sector is set to eventually be buoyed by the coronavirus crisis as consumers become more interested in food solutions seen as sustainable and safe, believes the co-founder… Lire la suite >>
Is fava the new soy? Wet fraction ‘optimises’ fava beans for a climate friendly alternative
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From Meyer’s meal boxes to vegan cheddar
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From vertically farmed basil to SodaStream Pepsi flavours
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Plastic packaging: Hero or villain in the coronavirus era?
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Freeze drying technology could result in tastier, clean label ice-cream
Freeze-dried berry powders have been found to act as ‘outstanding’ stabilizers, according to US research, offering manufacturers exiting clean label solutions for customers. Lire la suite >>