‘NutriScore is a consumer trap’: Industry group calls for front-of-pack calorie logo
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Weller launches CBD sparkling water: We’re comfortable with the risk factors associated with saying ‘CBD’
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Can ‘big food’ still innovate in-house? ‘It’s a strategic imperative,’ says Nestlé USA exec
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Trendspotting at Expo West 2019: CBD explosion, oatmilk on fire, protein still hot, sugar under attack
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‘The first product to put our plastic pledge to the test’: Nestlé launches Nesquik All Natural in paper packaging
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Unilever acquires UK snack brand Graze to accelerate growth in the better-for-you sector
Unilever acquires UK snack brand Graze to accelerate growth in the better-for-you sector Lire la suite >>
Nestlé to create Institute of Packaging Sciences to tackle global waste problem
Nestlé says it is going to address the growing packaging waste problem by creating a Nestlé Institute of Packaging Sciences, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Lire la suite >>
Online grocery sales more than tripled in past five years, expected to quadruple in next five
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‘There is a mega-trend around fermentation’: The rising star of fermented foods
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