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U.K. Food Review Calls for a Tax on Sugar and Salt
The tax on salt and sugar in processed and restaurant-made foods was among several measures proposed in a sweeping review into England’s food industry. Lire la suite >>
Walmart Announces Membership Service in Attempt to Compete With Amazon
Walmart+ will cost $98 a year to receive free delivery for orders over $35. The company hopes to build on the success of its pickup grocery business. Lire la suite >>
A Chocolate Bar With a Golden Blockchain Token
The Other Bar lets the snacker decide how to give back: help a farmer or plant a tree. Lire la suite >>
What Corona Owner’s $4 Billion Bet on a Marijuana Firm Says About Pot’s Future
What does a beer company do to hedge against slowing growth in its main business? In the case of the parent company of Corona, the answer is to invest heavily… Lire la suite >>