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Imperfect Foods Raises $72M to Expand Delivery of Ugly Produce and Pantry Goods
Imperfect Foods, the company that delivers surplus and “ugly” food directly to consumers, announced today that it had closed a $72 million Series C funding round. The round was led… Lire la suite >>
This Origami Robot was Built to Bag Groceries
Groceries are a bit of an odd duck when it comes to automation. It’s a bunch of irregular shapes with different weights and oftentimes they are very delicate, so you… Lire la suite >>
Beyond Food Uses Giant Metal Pods to Turn Surplus Fruit into Vegan Protein Powder
Considering the amount of food wasted in North America (that’s 170 million tons per year), we need more people willing to get up and do something to keep all that… Lire la suite >>
Seattle Food Tech Launches Plant-Based Nuggets at Hospital Cafeteria
The food at hospital cafeterias (and cafeterias in general) can get a bad rap. But today in Seattle, limp salads and neon jello were replaced by crispy chicken nuggets that… Lire la suite >>
P&P Optica Receives $1M Investment for its Hyperspectral Food Inspection
P&P Optica, a startup that uses hyperspectral imaging to assess food quality and safety, announced yesterday that it has received a $1 million investment from Export Development Canada (EDC), Canada’s… Lire la suite >>
Six Intriguing Startups Pitching at FoodBytes! London
FoodBytes! recently announced the 20 emerging startups pitching at their London future of food and agriculture event on September 13th. We’re big fans of events that give new, innovative companies… Lire la suite >>