La Personnalité de L’actualité ALIMENTAIRE de décembre 2022

John Bonnell, Co-Founder, Wholly Veggie!

Chaque mois, un membre du Mouvement DUX, en collégialité avec Julia Morin, chef de marque de DUX, propose une sommité du monde des affaires qui a su s’illustrer dans son domaine et faire rayonner son expertise dans le monde agroalimentaire dans le respect des valeurs véhiculées par DUX. Grâce à des questions liées à sa vie professionnelle et personnelle, nous apprenons à mieux la connaître. À son tour, celle-ci proposera une personnalité pour le mois suivant.


Ce mois-ci, Jake Karls, co-founder and Rainmaker of Mid-Day Squares a nommé John Bonnell, co-founder of Wholly Veggie!

Why Jake Karls choosed the personality?

“Jonathan is a ball of energy! What I love about him most is his ability to be bold. He’s fearless!! Also, Jonathan goes out of his way to always help other founders in the CPG space.”


10 questions for John Bonnell

1. What accomplishment have you been most proud of in your professional life?

Building Wholly Veggie with my business partner, David Gaucher and showing people that it’s possible to make a profitable business built around vegetables.

2. What challenge awaits you in your work?

Relinquishing responsibility while still making sure the organization has a clear strategic direction and ensuring we adapt to the dynamic environment that we’re operating in- both with consumer retail and financially.

3. What do you like best about your current job?

Seeing the culture develop and the team grow!

4. How in your work do you try to improve the food offer or eat it better?

We’re making it easier and more sustainable to eat vegetables with freezer aisle items that also reduce the hassle of prep and cook time. We’re building a community that celebrates the vegetable, while helping challenge misconceptions that vegetables don’t taste good. If we can influence the next generation of kids and help them enjoy eating vegetables, then we will have done our job.

5. If you have a mentor, what better lesson has he/she taught you?

Don’t hide from bad news, make sure you’re the one always providing a stable force in bad times and use data to your advantage

6. What was your first paid job for life?

Lawn mowing at age 12 – “John Bonnell Enterprises”

7. What allows you to find your balance outside of work?

Nature and exercise

8. You’re in love with…

Meeting other entrepreneurs who’ve pushed through the first couple years of chaos in their business and who are still thriving, having fun and doing something good for humanity

9. What food item helps you out when you’re hungry?

The Good Lunch Entrees – we keep these stocked in the back freezer and they’ve been a huge solve for us when we’re stuck at our desk and need a quick healthy meal. I love the Thai Curry when I’m craving lots of flavour, and the Cheezy Cauliflower & Broccoli when I need some comfort food.

10. What is your favorite recipe since your childhood?

Baked mac and cheese !


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