La Personnalité de L’actualité ALIMENTAIRE de novembre 2022

Jake Karls, Co-founder and Rainmaker of Mid-Day Squares

Chaque mois, un membre du Mouvement DUX, en collégialité avec Julia Morin, chef de marque de DUX, propose une sommité du monde des affaires qui a su s’illustrer dans son domaine et faire rayonner son expertise dans le monde agroalimentaire dans le respect des valeurs véhiculées par DUX. Grâce à des questions liées à sa vie professionnelle et personnelle, nous apprenons à mieux la connaître. À son tour, celle-ci proposera une personnalité pour le mois suivant.

Ce mois-ci, David Côté, Co-fondateur de LOOP Mission a nommé Jake Karls, Co-founder and Rainmaker of Mid-Day Squares.

Pourquoi David Côté a choisi la personnalité ?

Jake Karls m’est venu immédiatement quand on m’a demandé de nommer une personnalité qui se démarque dans le milieu alimentaire. Il suffit de le suivre sur Instagram ou de le rencontrer en personne pour comprendre qu’il va aller loin.

Il n’a pas peur d’être 100% lui-même et de gérer son entreprise de chocolat et son équipe comme un rock band en tournée. J’ai toujours aimé dire à mon équipe que  »jouer petit n’aide pas le monde » et Jake Karls avec Mid Day Squares incarne cette philosophie à perfection.

Jake Karls in 100 words

“We’re here to build the world’s next largest Chocolate company.”

Think, What would Hershey’s, Mars, Nestle or Mondelez look like if they launched in 2022. That’s what they’re trying to accomplish. Something that will take 20-30 years to build. That will hopefully be around in 100 years. A true legacy! Over the last 4 years, they have built a fully automated chocolate factory (that can make up to $70 million of chocolate per year. They sell their bars in over 4,500 stores across North America, and have officially sold over 13 million chocolate bars with help from 60+ amazing teammates based in Montreal, Quebec.

His purpose in life is to make people feel something deeply inside, to spread good energy and show the world that you can win by being yourself everyday.

As the Rainmaker, Jake focuses on achieving growth through the business of building genuine relationships – with investors, buyers, journalists, and building out the internal team. Jake passionately inspires others to be unapologetically themselves. This year he was recognized as an EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, Forbes 30 under 30 for food & beverage industry, CPG influencer of the year & Canada’s rising star.

1. What achievement have made you most proud in your professional life?

I am proud to represent the Forbes Under 30 Class of 2023 for the Food & Drink Category. This award was a dream of mine 10 years ago, it finally came true this week 🙂

Most proud of the strong partnership my partners and I are building. Making a family business partnership thrive.

2. What challenge awaits you in your work?

Scaling our own manufacturing plant… When we started we visited 26 co-manufactures across North America. Each one said that it’s impossible to scale this product, you must change it.

I am proud to say we stayed true to what we believe in and we built our own chocolate factory. Scaling and automating it has been the hardest challenge.

3. What do you like best about your current job?

I get to meet people from all walks of life. Build friendships with folks I never thought I would have.

4. How in your work do you try to improve the food offer and the industry?

My purpose in life is to make people feel something deeply, to spread good vibes and most importantly show everyone that you can win by being unapologetically yourself everyday.

Inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs to be bold and be proud of who they are.

5. If you have a mentor, what better lesson has he/she taught you?

The one who can withstand the most amount of pain/pressure the longest… Wins 🙂

6. What was your first paid job in life?

I worked at a hedge fund as a junior/intern.

7. What allows you to have a balance outside of work?

I read every morning for 30-45 mins and then do a 30 min workout.

8. You have a crush on…

I am inspired by Elon Musk (not a crush lol).

9. What food helps you out when you’re hungry?

Coffee… Pure caffeine.

10. What is your favorite recipe since your childhood?

Making pillsbury cookies haha.

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