Concours SIAL Innovation 2024 : Le Grand Prix OR décerné à El Gusto Gourmet – Café goutte à goutte gastronomique

Le concours SIAL Innovation 2024 s’est déroulé dans le cadre du salon SIAL à Montréal, du 15 au 17 mai dernier. Cette année, plus de 200 candidatures provenant de 17 pays ont été soumises. Félicitations à l’entreprise El Gusto Gourmet de Tertulia Brugge pour son café goutte à goutte gastronomique, qui a remporté le Grand Prix OR ! 

Le café goutte-à-goutte El Gusto offre une expérience de café pratique et portable avec un parfum, un arôme et une saveur exceptionnelle provenant des meilleurs grains de spécialité du Costa Rica. Facile à préparer, c’est une véritable expérience café à emporter ! En plus du service individuel premium, ce café est frais et respectueux de l’environnement puisque chaque sachet est compostable et la boîte est recyclable. Des grains cueillis à la main et cultivés à l’ombre ; un produit qui goutte et respire la qualité et l’innovation ! 

Aux côtés de El Gusto Gourmet, Le Grand Prix Argent a été décerné à Huile D’Olivia de Dear Goodness et les soupes d’inspiration asiatique de La Presserie ont remporté le Grand Prix Bronze. Enfin, la Pizza Box d’ABC Emballuxe inc. a remporté le prix de l’emballage. 

Nous avons eu la chance de discuter avec Sánchez Eugenia, propriétaire de El Gusto Gourmet, afin d’explorer en profondeur les caractéristiques de son produit innovant qui révolutionnent la façon de boire un café de qualité. 



*Entrevue en anglais. 

1. What does the SIAL Innovation Gold Award mean to you? 

Winning the SIAL Innovation Gold award is a tremendous honor. It not only recognizes the exceptional work and dedication of our entire team at EL GUSTO, but also serves as a springboard for our entry into the Canadian market. The exposure gained through this prestigious award, coupled with the backing of a renowned organization like SIAL, provides us with invaluable support as we embark on this exciting new chapter. 


2. Can you tell us the story behind GOURMET DRIP COFFEE? How did the idea for this innovative product come about? What inspired you to create a high-quality drip coffee? 

The inspiration to create the drip coffee came from a common frustration: the difficulty of enjoying truly exceptional gourmet coffee outside, when traveling, at the office or even at home. So, we start exploring  and looking for innovative brewing methods and packaging techniques, determined to create a coffee experience that captured the essence of Costa Rica’s finest beans while remaining convenient and accessible. After a lot of research and testing, we created the nitrogen-preserved, single-serve drip coffee! 

This ingenious invention just started changing the way coffee lovers could savor their favorite brew. Each sachet contained a precisely measured dose of freshly roasted, high-quality Costa Rican coffee, enveloped in a protective nitrogen atmosphere that preserved its rich aroma and flavor. With no special equipment required, the pouches could be brewed anywhere, anytime, with just a touch of hot water. 

3. What makes GOURMET DRIP COFFEE unique compared to other coffees on the market? What features of your product offer a unique coffee experience ? 

  • It is 100% harvested and roasted in a single origin. 
  • Real traceability from farm to table 
  • 100% authentic Arabica coffee (Costa Rica cannot produce robustca coffee) 
  • Single serve 
  • Composting filter 
  • Nitrogen conservation technology 
  • Food safety by making use of cutting-edge technology 
  • No special equipment needed 
  • Ready in less than 3 minutes 
  • You don’t waste coffee as it contains the perfect amount of grams for your cup of coffee. 
  • Gourmet coffee accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. 


4. Can you explain the manufacturing process of your coffee, from harvesting the beans to the final packaging? 

From mid-November to early March the coffee harvest takes place. In Costa Rica the harvest of all beans is made by hand. During this process the beans are carefully selected, since with a good selection a high quality coffee will be achieved. 

Day by day, hand harvested coffee will be collected by our trucks at each farm. With this practice we control the coffee delivered by each producer while we reduce the environmental impact by using a single truck. We also make the best of our trucks by collecting the coffee for all the farms following a schedule and route. 

In the mill process, our specialty coffee is processed every day, water consumption is minimum due to efficient systems used, and the coffee shell are used to make compostable fertilizers that will be incorporated into the coffee plantations. 

For approximately 8 days, our coffee will be dried in the sun, revealing the exquisite concentration of sugar to the bean and allowing you to enjoy the natural flavors of the coffee. 

Once dried, the coffee is stored in special bags for at least 8 weeks, during this time the complexity and intensity of each coffee variety is further concentrated, body, acidity and aroma will be perfectly balanced characteristics for this time. 

Once the coffee is ready, the next step will be to remove the parchment shell from the bean, revealing the green coffee ready for roasting. This process is very important since for the first time we will classify the size and color of the coffee, and here we will realize the performance of each farm and lot of coffee. 

After the selection of lots, a cupping test will be carried out to check the real quality of each lot. In EL Gusto all our coffees are scored between 84-86 points by the SCA. 

After the cupping, the magic will begin with the roasting of the coffee, here all the roasting possibilities and combinations come true, all of them based on the best performance of each batch of coffee. For our drip coffee we choose a medium roast, since the use of single origin coffee in both types maximizes the sweet flavors of these special areas with authentic « terroir », enhancing the characteristics of flavor, aroma, fragrance, body and aftertaste. 

Once the coffee is roasted a given time to « breathe » or degas is necessary, this is important to release the natural gases retained in the roasting process. 

The next step will be to grind the drip coffee, here we will choose the perfect size of the coffee powder so that it filters perfectly during the preparation of your exquisite drip coffee. 

Once ground, the coffee will be placed in the coffee feeder of our drip coffee machine, and in less than 1 minute… the coffee will be perfectly packaged inside a single filter, with nitrogen and with an outer wrapper that protects the coffee from the light, then 10 of these delicious envelopes will go into a recyclable box, to better present them. 

Throughout the entire process, from farm our traceability system will store all information about who, when and how each step was performed. 


5. Can you talk about the environmental impact of your product and your efforts to minimize it ? 

Firstly, the compostable sachet provides a sustainable solution, offering a convenient, pre-measured product that minimizes waste. 

Secondly, the extended shelf life of the coffee enhances its appeal, giving customers more time to try and appreciate the product. This reduces the likelihood of the product being discarded due to expiration, thereby minimizing environmental impact from both the product and its packaging. 


6. How was the market/consumers reacted to your innovative product since its launch? 

The product is highly valued by consumers for its portability, freshness, superior quality, single origin, sustainability and convenient preparation method. 


7. How do you see coffee consumption evolving in the coming years, and what role will your product play in that?  

Consumers are evolving beyond basic product satisfaction, they now seek for experiences, authenticity, and a connection to the story behind what they buy. This trend is fueling a growing demand for social responsibility, with transparency in the sourcing process and support for farmers being key drivers.  

So, the future of coffee consumption hinges on a multi-pronged approach that prioritizes sustainability. This includes utilizing eco-friendly packaging, ensuring ethical sourcing from verifiable origins, and fostering transparent communication with consumers. Highlighting the stories behind these practices and showcasing inspirational coffee products can further engage and motivate a conscious consumer base. 


8. What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs looking to innovate in the food and beverage industry                                   

It’s not easy, but if it were, everyone would do it! Therefore, passion, conviction, authenticity and knowledge will be key factors not only to develop great products but also to exceed the expectations of an increasing number of customers, more educated, demanding and difficult to surprise, trust the process, embrace lifelong learning – research your product, its background, and even explore unexpected corners for inspiration. New ideas can spark anywhere!  


9. How/where can consumers purchase your coffee in Canada or online? 

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming arrival of our coffee and cocoa products in the Canadian market! Our launch strategy encompasses both online and offline channels. We’ll be available soon on Amazon, while Bello Horizontes will spearhead our offline sales efforts. Patrick Singh, CEO of Bello Horizontes, will be instrumental in accelerating our market entry. For more information you can connect with Mr. Singh at (647)722-8641, or follow our social media as @ELGUSTOFOODS.