La Compagnie Now Foods met le «Label Transparency» au centre des tendances de 2017!

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Now Foods (Bloomingdale, IL), the manufacturer of more than 1,400 product offerings in dietary supplements, functional foods, and health and beauty products, has announced some of the “macro trends” it sees driving industry innovation in the next year. First and foremost, label transparency stands out as a major theme running through Now Foods’ list of trends to watch.

Noting that truthful labeling is one of its priorities, Now Foods says GMO labeling will continue to be a concern for a big chunk of consumers going forward. The manufacturer even noted that the recently passed GMO-labeling lawcaused “a social media uproar among consumers who wanted more direct access to that information,” confirming Now Foods comittment to the use of non-GMO ingredients and the disclosure of its non-GMO assurance process.

Transparent labeling of cooking oils and probiotics could also be key areas to focus on. Now Foods says it is conducting oil identity testing of its Ellyndale oils to ensure its oils are up to the quality standard promised on the label. That includes testing the labels for fatty acid content using gas chromatography, and testing for potential contaminants and foreign substances.

Probiotics, meanwhile, remain one of the fastest growing supplement categories, with growth expected in relatively untapped markets like pet health and skin health, Now Foods suggests. In keeping with its mission of transparency, the manufacturer has begun using Dupont’s RiboPrinter system to identify probiotics at the strain level and verify the identity and purity of probiotic products. That kind of identification technology is increasingly becoming a way to reach savvy consumers who want to accurately identify products that provide the benefits they expect, Now Foods explains.

Adaptogens, Vegan Products, and More

With the predicament of extreme stress plaguing a growing number of Americans, stress-relief products like adaptogens are poised for big growth, Now Foods predicts. That includes Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs like maca, rhodiola, ashwagandha, Panax ginseng and eleuthero. That interest in stress-reducing ingredients may also be resonating in other categories as well, such as skin-health products that are carrying more stress-related claims, Now Foods notes.

Another area to watch is vegan products, especially in the sports nutrition market, “where alternative and plant-based proteins are driving category growth,” Now Foods explains. Between consumers perceiving ingredients like quinoa, pea, and hemp as “cleaner” on a product label and growing concerns around the environmental impact of animal-based products, vegan products are likely a safe bet for big growth in the years ahead, according to the manufacturer.

Finally, convenience is a crucial factor in reaching consumers. With that in mind, Now Foods is offering its Ellyndale Foods Q Cups, which allow consumers to take alternative grains like quinoa with them in an easy-to-prepare, all-in-one packaged product. Here, the focus is on combining multiple factors that resonate with consumers, including convenience, healthy ingredients, and clean-label appeal.

“The synergy of these product attributes will be a priority purchase factor,” Now Foods explains.

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Associate Editor
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