Tendances et consommation

Alimentation : les tops et les flops de nos assiettes
Quels sont les aliments à la mode ? Ceux qui n’ont plus la cote après avoir tenu le haut de l’affiche ? En prélude du Sial Paris 2016, le Salon… Lire la suite >>
Five trends to watch for at SIAL Paris
Key players in the food industry are gearing up to display their latest goods at the SIAL Paris trade show next week (October 16-20), the largest exhibition for food innovation… Lire la suite >>
Loblaws, Sobeys and Saputo among Canada’s top brands
Each year, Canadian Business conducts a national survey to ask Canadian consumers for their opinion on which brands are winning their hearts, minds and—most importantly—wallets. This list shows not just which companies have… Lire la suite >>
Québec va soutenir le commerce en ligne
Le gouvernement du Québec va fournir un appui stratégique à des milliers de commerçants québécois pour accélérer leur passage au commerce en ligne. Lire la suite >>
Éliminer les gaz HFC pour réduire le réchauffement climatique
La communauté internationale s’est réunie jeudi à Kigali pour convenir d’un accord sur la disparition progressive des gaz HFC, qui pourrait permettre de limiter de manière significative le réchauffement climatique. Lire la suite >>
Beach Whiskey
Beach Whiskey LLC launched its first line of American whiskeys, celebrating the beach lifestyle.  Lire la suite >>
A new meal kit delivery service in B.C.
There’s a new meal-kit delivery service on the Canadian food scene. Vancouver-based Fuud has launched its ready-to-cook meal kit brand in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. The company focuses on fresh, seasonal… Lire la suite >>
Rice Flours Enable Gluten-Free Baked Products
The extra-fine rice flours from American Key Food Products use a unique milling process. Lire la suite >>
Editor’s Plate: Recent Reasons To Stay Vigilant Over Food Safety
Recent recalls by Tyson, Kellogg and Blue Bell are reminders you can never take food safety for granted. Lire la suite >>
WHO urges countries to raise taxes on sugary drinks
The World Health Organization says governments should raise taxes on sugary drinks to fight what it says are global obesity and diabetes epidemics. Lire la suite >>
ROAR Beverages creates better-for-you sports drink for Gen Z
Inspired by less-traditional sports, like skateboarding, snowboarding and the X-Games, as well as the personality of energy drink brands, Roly Nesi, founder and chief executive officer of Huntington, N.Y.-based ROAR… Lire la suite >>
Performance beverages show strong sales growth
When it comes to consumer packaged goods (CPGs), consumers are faced with myriad choices. There are beverages designed to fuel their bodies before a big game, give them energy to… Lire la suite >>