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“Renew Danone” : Antoine de Saint-Affrique dévoile son plan stratégique
Antoine de Saint-Affrique, le nouveau Directeur Général de Danone, a présenté son plan stratégique “Renew Danone” à l’occasion d’un séminaire investisseurs. Ce plan doit permettre à Danone de renouer avec… Lire la suite >>
Employee Empowerment and Continuous Improvement Drive Whole Foods Market‘s Food Safety Culture
The food industry faces a number of food safety challenges: supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and changing consumer practices and preferences. The growing number of challenges only magnifies the importance… Lire la suite >>
Nestlé to buy majority stake in protein powder maker Orgain
Nestlé’s health science division is buying a majority stake in Orgain, a maker of protein powders, shakes and bars, for an undisclosed amount, the food giant said in a statement. Lire la suite >>
Where Inflation Is Hitting Hardest: Prices of Groceries, Utilities, Rent Jump
Costs of everyday items are rising the fastest, affecting everything from your breakfast cereal to your light bill Lire la suite >>
Vegan Meat Alternatives on Track to Become Cheaper Than Beef
One of the main reasons people won’t try plant-based meat alternatives is the price. But as the cost of beef and pork has steadily risen in recent months, and the… Lire la suite >>
The Hidden Ways Companies Raise Prices
Businesses are passing their rising costs on to consumers with new fees, truncated services and reduced contents in packaged goods, which don’t always show up in inflation data Lire la suite >>
What Do Best-in-Class Food & Beverage Processors Have in Common?
The food & beverage industry already is preparing for the next pandemic. The use of automation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have become essential tools for producers as… Lire la suite >>
Building A Better Workplace For Women In The Food And Beverage Industry
With us today is Angela Dodd, founder of Females in Food. Angela created the Females in Food Community to help women in the food and beverage industry advance their careers. Lire la suite >>
Des noix qui redonnent au suivant
Dans une maison de la banlieue nord de Québec, Nancy Lachance accueille non seulement des adultes atteints de déficiences intellectuelles, mais elle a aussi créé une compagnie de noix torréfiées… Lire la suite >>
Picard accélère son déploiement en Asie et au Moyen Orient
Dans le cadre de son plan de croissance Proxima, Picard a relancé son expansion à l’international en 2021 à travers l’implantation de corners en Asie et au Moyen- Orient. L’enseigne… Lire la suite >>
Conagra Brands promotes Michael Bryan
Conagra Brands has promoted Michael Bryan to the role of sales director. Lire la suite >>
How some industry execs are managing burnout
After nearly two years of living and working during a pandemic, many Canadians have been enduring extraordinary circumstances leading to increased cases of exhaustion and burnout. Lire la suite >>