The top trends shaping digital signage
Digital signage has become a major trend in the retail space. While in the early days, digital signage was relegated to simply playing a video on loop as part of… Lire la suite >>
2020 Golden Pencil Award winners announced
The Food Industry Association of Canada has announced Burnbrae Farms president Margaret Hudson, and Farm Boy co-CEOs Jeff York and Jean Louis Bellemare as this year’s recipients of the Golden… Lire la suite >>
Inspection : Antares vision acquiert 100% de Convel et renforce sa diversification
Active dans le secteur des machines d’inspection, Convel réalise des tests d’étanchéité pour les produits conditionnés dans des récipients en verre et en plastique. Convel est leader dans les tests… Lire la suite >>
Beneo investit 50 millions d’euros dans l’augmentation de la capacité de l’amidon de riz
Beneo, l’un des principaux fabricants d’ingrédients fonctionnels, a annoncé une augmentation de 50% de la capacité de production de son usine de Wijgmaal pour répondre à la demande croissante des… Lire la suite >>
Etiquetage et emballage : Le Conseil National de l’Alimentation propose de nouvelles recommandations
Le « parlement de l’alimentation », CNA, instance consultative indépendante, a adopté deux nouveaux avis sur une réflexion pour l’expérimentation d’un étiquetage des modes d’élevage. Le groupe de concertation sur… Lire la suite >>
HumanCo acquires majority stake in vegan ice cream Coconut Bliss
HumanCo, a CPG holding company, took a majority stake in plant-based frozen dessert company Coconut Bliss, which makes pints of ice cream as well as frozen sandwiches and bars. Financial… Lire la suite >>
Healthy diets should be a top national priority
Later this year, the US government is due to update its dietary guidelines, which advise Americans on the specifics of a healthy, balanced diet. These guidelines are important for many… Lire la suite >>
Branching out to a new plant-based ingredient made from wood
Arbiom’s SylPro, made from fermented wood pieces, just finished a proof-of-concept test showing it can replace more traditional soy, pea and wheat proteins in meat substitutes. Lire la suite >>
Carbon Labels Are Finally Coming To The Food And Beverage Industry
It’s been over 25 years since food packaging started displaying its nutritional contents. It’s since become second nature to check the calorie, sugar, salt, and fat content of food or… Lire la suite >>
Hungryroot Founder Raises $2 Million To Launch New Dairy-Free Pudding Company Noops
Days before Noops’ website officially went live, the New York-based food startup has already received a number of orders, sending a clear signal that U.S. consumers are hyped up about… Lire la suite >>
How grocers and brands can build consumer loyalty in a post COVID-19 world
the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a dramatic impact on how consumers shop. In Canada, we saw attitudes and shopping preferences change in a way that will impact the consumer,… Lire la suite >>
From cannabis dark chocolate to the ‘world’s first’ cheesecake in a tub
n this week’s edition, we cover the ‘world’s first’ frozen cheesecake in a tub, Müller’s new line of split pot yoghurts, dark chocolate buttons infused with CBDa, and a plant-based… Lire la suite >>